20 June 2012

Free cookie Friday!

If there's one thing I love about my office, it's the sense of camaraderie. People are always saying hi to me, even if they're across the hallway from us (KUHF 88.7 is located on the other side of the office) and even if I've never seen them before in my life. Or take, for example, my experiences yesterday: not only was it Free Cookie Friday (and I mean, these cookies are so delicious. I have no idea where they get them from, but it's probably Mount Olympus or something) but I had my first experience trying to make tea. This is how that went:
I saw the cookies arrive from my ever- convenient watchtower of The Copy Area, where interns should be if they aren't busy reshelving or repairing CDs or doing research or important things, which is a straight line from the open doorway of our kitchenette. Apparently an email went out (which I didn't get because I still don't have an email or login to our server, which is just some kind of bureaucratic nightmare designed to make my job more difficult still) because while there had been one lone soul in the kitchen, suddenly there were three, five, ten people absolutely flocking to those cookies! It's like a swarm of vultures or something. But then, when those eager beavers started heading back down the hallway and had to pass me at my central location, many of them, including people I have literally never seen before started passing by, they would pause and gesture at me with those delicious cookies in their hands and speaking funny to hold all the crumbs in with a, "free cookies" that sounded more like a "shfreeeh chookiez". And then, when I abandoned my fortress of office supplies and printing machines, there were still a few stragglers in the kitchen who happily exclaimed over the cookies to me, which I agreed with entirely because as I said these are divine cookies made with the ambrosia of the gods. I mean, maybe I'm antisocial or something, but I don't think you talk to strangers unless you feel some kind of connection with them, and everybody is always saying things to me. Which is so nice! Maybe I'm overreacting, but I do enjoy a nice kitchen conversation over cookies.

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