30 July 2012

It can be so incredibly difficult to decide whether or not to pursue a certain job- related project when it might be upsetting to some people. Even when that group has already stabbed you in the back on multiple occasions... what do you think, is it better to pursue your dreams or be scared into being quiet?

We will not be silent, no. Sorry if that's upsetting but I can't keep my mouth shut when people tell me not to talk. Isn't that what journalism is about? The people at the station agree-- even if real newpeople are a dying breed, we can do what we can to be them, right?

I hope I'm making the right choice.

27 July 2012

Sweet new job!

So I got this excellent gig teaching masterclasses at Pearland High School. I get to teach a section of bass clarinet players (about 6 of them) for two hours a day for two weeks. It's going to be kind of scary because I've never taught anything before at all, but I've certainly got enough experience taking classes and lessons.... Of course, my professor walked me through everything I need to do. He is honestly the reason I've gotten half of my music related jobs; sometimes, when a teaching or playing job comes up that he is too busy for or just doesn't want, he gives people the name of one of his students and then we get called. He's the best teacher I could ever ask for and I can only hope that one day my students will have the same love and respect for me.
But yeah. Wish me luck! I'll have to find somewhere between aloof teacher and too- relatable student teacher (I'm only 19, so I'm not far in age from them). I'll be lots of fun and I'm sure I'll learn an incredible amount by trying to teach the same things to other people. Can't wait!

19 July 2012

 Troy Schultze and St.John Flynn in the studio during The Front Row
 Soprano Stacey Weber and pianist Keith Weber on The Front Row