22 August 2012

Soundcloud links

I just explored Classical 91.7's Soundcloud and made my own! If you explore the KUHA page, be sure to check out the Meta Radio postings made by my favorite librarian, Dacia Clay. Mine is currently blank but I'm hoping to upload some recordings of myself playing clarinet etc when I get back to my computer this evening.

I'm not the new guy anymore

All the interns for the upcoming year for KUHA! L-R: Princeton Miles, Brooklynn Adelman, Alexandra Doyle (me!), and Daniel Webbon. Can't wait to start working with these people!

Coming soon!

Here's a neat KUHF event that's coming up soon, be sure to check it out!

Also rapidly approaching is the Theater District Open House, Sunday August 26, which is amazing and you should also go to that! Details can be found here.

08 August 2012

New podcast project

Aside from what I normally do at the office (research, organizing the audio library, and digitizing our program collection mostly) I've been given a new sample project-- a podcast! (It's a secret from St.John until we get one completely done to present to him, so don't tell ;) ) It was Dacia's idea (she's the audio librarian) and it's going to be a sort of "day in the life of a music major" thing. It might also include other arts students, I'm not sure yet. The idea is to give the average person who knows nothing about the strange world we classical musicians live in a glimpse into that world, with all the stress and practicing and auditions and stuff. My pilot episode is focusing on the Clarinetfest 2012 convention in Lincoln, Nebraska that just occurred last week. I'll be exploring what happens at these conventions and interviewing a few other people, such as performers and a mouthpiece maker, for their takes on convention and their respective roles in it.

A note about convention itself:
Clarinetfest was a blast! Musicians learn at a young age that convention is where the magic happens, from performances and masterclasses to networking and shopping at the booths of a thousand vendors who have things that are very specific to your needs.It's also great to see the friends that you made at the last convention. This year's Clarinetfest was on the campus of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, which turned out to be very convenient; the campus is within the town, so everything important was within about 3 blocks, including the convention hotels. Unfortunately the lineups weren't as spectacular as last year (I guess famous clarinetists would rather be in Los Angeles, where last year's convention was, than Lincoln!) but it was still an awesome learning experience and lots of fun. Next year's is in Italy, so that will be absolutely incredible!

Anyway, if and when the podcast is up and running on the KUHA website, I'll post a link here so that you can see it. Also be ready for more articles from The Daily Cougar and possibly one from a more impressive paper! :)