29 May 2012

And so the curtain rises

Hello, hopefully soon-to-be loyal readership. This is my first post about my glorious life as an intern! I suppose, in some ways, it's been a pretty classy unpaid job-- I haven't had to fetch coffee or refreshments yet, and I've been treated like part of the team by the actual employees. So far, so good!
I have, of course, been delegated to the grunt work-- what else would you expect, volunteers always get the crap gigs. I spend lots of time with my good friend D in the music library (She went to library school and has her own Library of Congress reference number, and I want to be her when I grow up. The first day I met her, I saw that she had a Beirut CD and several cat sculptures on her desk, and I knew we'd get along just fine.) I take the first half hour of every morning to organize and then, as of recently, reshelf the CD's that our radio programmers have pulled from the stacks in the last 24 hours. Honestly, it's alright though, because the people I work with and for are actually super awesome (and I'm not just saying that because they could be reading this, which I hope to God they never do). I mean, it's NPR... there's quite a few of us with a little more piercing or ink than are perhaps considered "professional", but we're just the liberal media anyway, right?
But anyway. Sometimes I do things that make me feel like Cinderella, or Psyche doing Aphrodite's impossible tasks for the love of Cupid. Such as dusting and vacuuming the entire music library-- in a skirt and heels, no less! I also get to do things that seem important, such as putting together the information packets for The Front Row, a show that we air from 12 to 1 every weekday, and is aired on our sister station, 88.7 (KUHF), at 11 pm. If you listen closely to the end, some days I even get a mention as a "production intern". My job truly is so much more than that, though; throughout the summer and probably though my paid internship in the fall, I'll keep posting all kinds of media to help you understand what it is that I do behind the scenes to keep my station running smoothly, and also to help you understand more about me as a person and not as a scurrying intern.
So take my hand, and we'll be off to Never- Never Land!


  1. I wish you the best of luck at the internship and at the blog! Did I understand you right, your station is an NPR station?